Night Litany for London



The Night Litany for London was published by the Church Literature Association with an introduction by the late Mgr Graham Leonard, then Anglican Bishop of London. It is believed to have been written by Fr H A Wilson of St Augustine, Haggerston. This is an amended and updated form and its use is by no means restricted to London: it is a litany for all of us who live in our great urban areas, across the world, with all their joys and sorrows.

God our Father, hear us. We plead before you the Sacred Heart of Jesus for all  in this great city of London who tonight need your merciful love and protection.

On all who work tonight                                                            have mercy

On the police, fire and ambulance services

On hospitals, doctors and nurses

On clergy and chaplains called out tonight

On all night nurses and social workers

On the homeless and destitute

On all young people

On the elderly

On abused children and battered parents

On loveless marriages and broken homes

On the sick and suffering

On the mentally ill

On those undergoing operations

On those with HIV and AIDS

On those who cannot sleep tonight

On the depressed and lonely

On the anxious and distressed

On those tempted to violence and crime

On all prisoners and prison staff

On those who are driving tonight

On all prostitutes and their clients

On those addicted to alcohol or drugs

On all who live in fear

On the victims of rape

On the victims of racial attacks

On all victims of crime

On all involved in accidents

On those who are bereaved tonight                                           have mercy

On those for whom tonight will be their last on earth

On those dying without the knowledge of your love for them

On those who are afraid to die

On those tempted to suicide

On the terminally ill

On all dying priests, religious and lay people

On ourselves at our last hour

On behalf of all Londoners who today have said no prayers, let us say

Our Father ….

Hail Mary …

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us


About Scott Anderson

Formerly an Anglican priest (ordained 1975) received into the Catholic Church in February 2012, and ordained to the Diaconate on 27th July 2013. I took early retirement, and divide my time between London and northern France. I am deeply committed to the Ordinariate as a gift of the Holy Spirit in the search for unity. Like many Ordinariate members I feel a personal gratitude to Pope Emeritus Benedict, together with loyalty to our Holy Father, Pope Francis. My blog tries to make a small contribution to the growth of the Ordinariate by asking questions (and proposing some answers) about the 'Anglican Patrimony'. I have always been fascinated by the whole issue of growth and decline, and therefore concerned for appropriate means of evangelisation in western Europe. I believe that the Holy Spirit is constantly renewing the People of God and that we must be open to him. My love of music and motorcycles will occasionally surface in my posts. On Saturday 19th October 2013, I was ordained to the Priesthood at Most Precious Blood, Borough, by the Most Revd Peter Smith, Archbishop of Southwark, for the service of the Ordinariate of our Lady of Walsingham. I continued to serve the Ordinariate group and Parish at Most Precious Blood until the end of 2014. Subsequently, I helped in the care of the Ordinariate Groups at Hemel Hempstead and Croydon, and in the Archdiocese of Southwark, until the beginning of September 2015. With the agreement of my Ordinary, Mgr Keith Newton, the Bishop of Amiens appointed me Administrator of the Parish of Notre Dame des Etangs (Pont Remy) in Picardie, France. This appointment is to last for a year, to give the Bishop the opportunity to assess the future of the parish.
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